3 awesome ways to support small businesses


This will be my 6th (whaaaat! time flies) holiday season as a small business owner. I’ve compiled a list of the top ways I believe YOU can help small businesses like mine thrive through Christmas and beyond.

Let’s start with the most important: buy small.

I’m sure you have heard the arguments to keep your money local and supporting small businesses is great for the economy. Yes, those are important reasons! But there are other, personal reasons that I like to keep in mind. For example: I like to follow small business stories. I know buying from the seamstress I follow on Instagram puts food on the table for her family. I know buying candles from the candlemaker at the local farmer’s market helps put his children through college. I know buying small is fueling a dream. Buying from small businesses keeps dreams alive. And that, my friends, is an awesome gift to give.

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Brand recognition is super duper important.

When someone asks where you got something, don’t say “on Etsy” or “online.” Plug the name of that business! Give out the URL. One of the main reasons I am moving my own business away from Etsy is lack of brand recognition. Do you know how many Introvert mugs there were on Etsy when I created mine? Zero. Now do you know how many knock offs there are? A lot. So when someone buys an Introvert mug from me, if someone asks where they got it and all they say is “on Etsy,” what do you think the chances are of them buying mine are? Pretttttty slim. 

If you love the product (or if you don’t), let the business know!

The amazing thing about small businesses is the personalized service. Speaking for BGD, I want my customers and clients to be happy. I welcome feedback and take it to heart–it’s necessary for my growth! The best way to offer praise for a product is through social media where others will see it. You could tag the crap out of that business in your super awesome Instagram pic or write on the wall of their business page on Facebook to profess your love for their product. The best way to express your dissatisfaction is through email. Allow that business owner the chance to make it right before you take your complaints public. I guarantee that 9 times out of 10 you will be satisfied with the outcome.

Your turn! What are ways you plan on supporting small business through the holiday season and beyond? Comment below and let me know!


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