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Custom Design Clients: I’m Baaaack

custom designed 1st birthday invitation | brittany garner design

Hi. It’s been awhile. While an update is in the works, I wanted to write a quick post to let everyone know that I feel like I’m in a spot where I can take on custom design clients again! The response has been awesome so far after I posted this on my personal Facebook page:

After a long break to get my mental health in check, I feel like I’m ready to focus my creativity toward clients again. If you need birthday/shower invitations, logos, group t-shirts/hats, or have another creative project you need design support for, email me or comment with your email and project here and I will reach out! 

I’m an open book so if you’re curious about that mental health journey, check out my story over on my other blog that I started with Heather: The Okayest Moms.

And if you’re interested in some custom design, fill out my Design Questionnaire and I’ll get back to you with a price quote within 24 hours. 🙂

Check out some of my custom work in the slideshow below:


10 Boozey Green Drinks To Try On St. Patrick’s Day

I am not Irish but I’m a lover of holidays and never let one pass by without some sort of celebration. Say hello to BGD’s official list of delish boozey St. Paddy’s Day drinks:

Drunk Shamrock Shake

Whiskey Milkshake

Get the recipe here. Get the mugs here.

Guiness Floats

The best way to drink Guiness is with a little ice cream. Recipe here.

Blarney Stone

Mmmm ginger beer. Recipe here.

Irish Flag

Greeeen. Recipe here.

Shamrock Sour

Recipe here.

Shamrock Juice

Citrus paradise. Get the recipe here.

Green Sangria

I love a good sangria. Recipe here.

Irish Jello Shots

Recipe here.

Irish Mojito

Yum. Recipe here.

Rainbow Rim Cocktail

Love this idea.

Like this list? Pin it!

boozey drinks for st. paddy's day

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Taste The Rainbow (St. Patrick’s Day Wine/Whiskey Printable Tags!)


St. Patrick’s Day is faaaar from what it used to be (i.e.; college drunkfests, spring break trips and staying up all night/sleeping all day) BUT I still view it as the unofficial start to spring. I start to notice the smell of freshly cut grass, longer days, evenings outside, BBQing. Gahhh, it’s the best. So even if I’m in bed by 9 p.m. I still love celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. And my kids really love having Lucky Charms in the house. 😉

print your own St. Patrick’s Day wine/whiskey tags >>



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Introducing… the BGD jumbo mug!

My biggest request of all time is, hands down, to carry larger mugs for all of my mug designs. Well, today I get to announce that we FINALLY made it happen. I AM SO EXCITED!

Anatomy of a BGD 15 oz mug

Along with the larger size, we’ve also added a few other cool features: including the design is printed on both sides! Lefties, that one’s for you. 😉

Shop BGD mugs >>

Our mugs are still printed in the USA, designed by me and of course, still dishwasher & microwave safe. We have lots of tried and true mugs up in the shop currently but stay tuned for the spring launch for NEW DESIGNS! WOOHOO!

As always, thanks for being so rad and supporting BGD!

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The Best 30th Birthday Gift Ever

I turned 30 last month. I intended to write a post or two reflecting on the milestone but everything I wrote sounded cheesy and done before.

The truth is, I am excited to be 30. I have no feelings of dread entering a new decade and I count the newly found wrinkles as laugh lines. 😉 It is truly an honor to be able to age and I’ve always kept that feeling near to my heart.

While I never wrote about it, I did spend a lot of time reflecting on my life and the freaking awesome people in it. I felt like this before I got the best gift ever from Tyler so imagine how I felt after…

the best birthday gift EVER: letters for 30

Tyler asked 30 friends and family members to write me a note, letter or email for my birthday. Some were short, others were long and every single one of them meant the world. I haven’t ugly cried that hard in awhile.

I had my best friends reminisce about taking shots in college then fast forward to having babies together. My mom expressed that I was her best friend. My aunt talked about my dear grandma who passed and how proud she’d be of me. Running friends, who you get close with quickly when you’re on double digit training runs, talked about runfies and bear encounters and falling in the mountains. Best friends drew pictures of flamingoes. Heather wrote hers in Comic Sans and I wasn’t even that mad at her.

the best birthday gift EVER: letters for 30

It is such a priceless gift.

“I wanted you to be able to read about the light you bring to people’s lives when you are in a dark place.” Tyler said these words to me when he gave me the letters. You all can just give him the Husband of the Year award right now.

I haven’t talked about it much aside from family and close friends but 2016 was a really hard one for me personally. I battled with anxiety and depression that left me feeling like a fraud and a crazy person in every aspect of my life. It was only through the support of Tyler and the people closest to me that I got through the worst of it.

It’s an ongoing battle but these letters are such a wonderful reminder of my worth. 

It’s overwhelming but I am so thankful.


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Printable New Mom Gift Wine Tags

New Mom Wine Tag Printable

BGD is back with more printable wine tags! This time we’ve got new mamas on the brain. Nine, no, TEN months of growing a tiny human is hard and I’m of the camp that we should celebrate moms every damn day. But we should especially celebrate them right after giving birth because, to put it mildly, birthing a human is hard no matter how you do it.

Download your new mama wine tags here >>

These printable wine tags are  available for personal lifetime use. Print from your home printer, cut and put them on your favorite bottles of wine. The new mama in your life will love it, I know it. 😉

p.s. wine pun wine tags + a wine themed baby shower

Pin-New Mom Wine Tags Printable

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Kiddo Birthday Interview Questions (Free Printable!)

All About Me Yearly Birthday Interview Printable

I love birthday traditions. It’s such a fun way to keep the magic alive and make the birthday kiddo feel special. We started The Birthday Interview when Harrison turned 3 and will start it this year with Sullivan when he turns 3. It’s SO fun to see how their answers change year to year.

Download your customizable Birthday Interview printable >>

I designed this editable PDF so you can input the name of each of your kids and print it from your home printer every year.

editable PDF birthday printable

The All About Me printable is designed with versatility in mind so it can fit seamlessly in to any party theme decor. Plus, using the same design every year makes it fun to see how their answers change–and their signature!

You can download your very own customizable PDF birthday interview printable here >>

We’d love to see your worksheet in action! Tag + follow @BritGarnDesign on Instagram and use #ILoveBGD for a chance to be featured.

This printable is for personal use only. It cannot be copied, shared or redistributed in any way. Please respect my work. All original designs © 2010-2017 Brittany Garner, Brittany Garner Design,

Birthday Worksheet Free Printable


Uncommon Party Theme: Baby Shower Booze Brunch

When your wine-loving friend gets pregnant with her third baby, it’s only natural her baby shower is booze themed. Guests brought her bottles of wine and we had a booze-y brunch.


the decor

Simple and classic was the idea. My friend Erin hosted in her beautiful new home.



the favors

Each guest got their very own wine glass to take home. I used to sleep, but now I just wine was a perfect tie in to the theme and perfect for all the mamas in attendance.


the food

All the brunch essentials: quiche, pastries, bacon, potatoes. If you’re looking for a great quiche recipe, I love this one and this one. YUM.

Mimosas and coffee were also served. For me, champagne with a splash of orange juice. Per usual.


Then for dessert–amazingly decorated homemade cupcakes.


the games

The hostesses (one of them being me) are kind of anti annoying baby shower games. We are also against the term “sprinkle” but that’s neither here nor there. So we decided this fill in the blank guessing game was perfect–mama-to-be could take them home and have fun seeing who made the best predictions.


It was such a fun theme for a sweet friend. Baby Brunch and Booze! Best baby shower theme ever.