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Introducing… the BGD jumbo mug!

My biggest request of all time is, hands down, to carry larger mugs for all of my mug designs. Well, today I get to announce that we FINALLY made it happen. I AM SO EXCITED!

Anatomy of a BGD 15 oz mug

Along with the larger size, we’ve also added a few other cool features: including the design is printed on both sides! Lefties, that one’s for you. 😉

Shop BGD mugs >>

Our mugs are still printed in the USA, designed by me and of course, still dishwasher & microwave safe. We have lots of tried and true mugs up in the shop currently but stay tuned for the spring launch for NEW DESIGNS! WOOHOO!

As always, thanks for being so rad and supporting BGD!

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2016 Can Suck It

We’re all in agreement that 2016 is quite possibly one of the worst years on record, yes?  The Internet is with me on this one, at least.  Aside from these absolute gems and the birth of this adorable, sweet angel boy (ok, there’s a little bias with that) this year can shove it.


Photo: Lindsey Erickson Photography

With all the suck that was 2016, I’ve been eagerly awaiting 2017 and the fresh start of a new year.  I’ve reflected on the past twelve months (probably too much) and now I’m ready to take on the next twelve.  Well, more realistically the next week because that’s really all I can handle at once, but work with me here.

I really like the idea of using a word to define or guide the year.  Resolutions are long and I need simple and clean cut, otherwise it will be lost in the abyss I call my brain.  One word keeps coming back up in all areas of my life.


There are so many demands on my time.  There are a million things pulling me in a million different directions, often at the same exact time. I feel spread so thin.  Nothing has been getting my full attention and that’s really not fair.  With so much important stuff vying for my time (my kids, my husband, being me and not just Mom) and all the less important stuff (hello, social media) I need to filter what wins my attention and get rid of the distractions.

These are the freaking days of our lives.  The ones little old ladies in grocery stores tell me I’ll look back on and miss.  I’m tired of bogging them down with a bunch of crap that I think I should be doing, should be buying, should be saying, should be thinking.  I’m done doing things just because they look good on paper or I think it’s what someone else wants me to do.

It’s time to take stock of where I am, where I want to go and only say yes to the things that are going to get me and my family there.

The same goes for BGD.  We want to say yes more often to the exciting things we love and think with the end in mind.  “What do we hope to get out of this?” is a question I plan on asking Brittany a lot, so hopefully she’s ready! Ha!  It’s so fun to jump on every opportunity we’re presented with or every exciting idea we have, but if it doesn’t line up with what we’re trying to do, it’s ok to let things pass or table them for when the timing is right.

So here’s to doing things we actually want to do because they make us happy and not doing things because we think we should.

And don’t let the door hit you on the way out 2016.

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Resolutions, BGD style

2017 incoming

Can we all just take a collective deep breath and raise our middle fingers in solidarity to 2016? Such a doozy of a year. Good riddance.

And I realize it’s ridiculous to blame an entire year for some bullshit buuut if not 2016 who (what) do we blame? I just need a scapegoat, people.

OK GREAT. Glad we’re all on the same page with that one.

The promise of a new year is intoxicating. 2017! It sounds so fresh. The goals, the clean slate, the accidentally writing 2016 on checks for at least three months. I am so freaking excited.

When it comes to BGD, I’ve never really been one to set goals. I run my business like I run my life–flying by the seat of my pants. It has worked up until this point but as kids get older and I have more time to dedicate to BGD, measurable goals feel attainable (as opposed to stressful) and exciting (as opposed to overwhelming).

So, here’s to something new in the new year…


Focus on the BGD community
Through this blog and connecting on social media. We have a few things up our sleeve this year and can’t wait to share.

Say no by default
I can’t do it all. In 2016 I sure as hell tried. Saying ‘no’ to more is key to defining BGD’s (and my) priorities.

Create products with intention
We started this goal in 2016 with the release of collections. It has already been freeing and helped me to become more focused as opposed to overwhelmed. And in a sea of one million “designers” putting out half-assed products on the daily, my goal for BGD is to rise above that trend. Well-designed, sassy, FUN products and a whole lot of valuable, rad (and free!) content along the way.

Share everything
For the better part of my small business owning career I’ve made it a point not to share too much of my process for fear of judgment. I’ve been afraid to share personal opinions for fear of offending some people. I’ve been afraid to lose customers by being too me. I don’t want to run a business based on fear. So, I figure, if you’re my people you’ll stay my people no matter what. So, get ready for the over-sharing, my friends! 😉

Treat yo’ self
Or myself. Whatev. It’s always on my list is to take better care of myself. What’s that cliche saying? You can’t pour from an empty glass. It’s true.

Do you set resolutions for yourself or business? I’d love to hear your 2017 goals in the comments below!


The BGD Studio Tour!

By popular demand… Here is the tour of where all the magic happens! I’ve hesitated sharing this tour before for a few reasons:

1. it’s usually a mess

2. it is in my home, so stay away creepers!

3. I spend so much time in this room that it doesn’t seem that interesting to me–so I apologize if this is boring.the bgd studio tour

This room is actually the “formal living room” of our house. I love it because it’s a big space but I dislike it because there’s no door to close when I’m out of work mode.

[mother of wildlings tee | light box | flamingo drink sleeve | i used to sleep mug | wine mug | rock out with your guac out tote | white heart pencils | bar cart]

the bgd desk

Soooo many butt miles logged in that chair. On the wall behind me is a calendar that I made myself as a reminder of where I should be in the collection development schedule. We plan for future collections months in advance (up to Summer ’18 here!) and it’s great to have a reminder of where I’m supposed to be.

[desk | striped pen holder | camera]

collection development product based business

Below the collection development schedule hang two clipboards. One is my daily schedule that I try to stick by. Usually don’t. But if I had an ideal day, that’s what I would be accomplishing. The other clipboard is the blog post planning worksheet of the post I’m currently brainstorming. I’m a super visual person and need to jot EVERYTHING down on paper before it gets written. Even just to have bullet points of my thoughts makes all the difference.

The folders on the right are all business related: blog, newsletter, marketing, and future collection schedules.

shipping station BGD

This side of the studio is where we get ship done. If it looks cluttered… it’s because it is. So many things are required to ship BGD goodies and I like having everything within arms reach. I’ve talked before about how a “shipping station” is absolutely imperative to a small business that sells physical product.

shipping corner BGD

I don’t have a warehouse that ships my goods, we handle everything 100% in house. Literally… in my house. 😉

[rad mama tote | motherhood mug | watermelon tote | cube shelf | rug | miserable cow print]

do more of what makes you happy

File folders and daily motivation. These folders are everything pertaining to orders: pending, pick up, on hold, wholesale, backorders, and preorders. It’s not seamless, it’s a system that I’m still perfecting.

[folders | folder organizer]

photo area and product storage

Ikea can thank us for giving them so much business. This shelf is home to photo taking and product storage. Photos are taken both in the light box and on top of the shelf because this area has the best indirect natural light. Notepads are stored along the top row, tees are stored in the built in drawers.

[light box | guac tee | ok vase | shelf + drawers]

the big shelf BGD studio #theBGDstudio

And now we have arrived at the shelf o’ awesome! It houses props, product, decor, AND supplies. I love having props super accessible for when I take product photos and they make me happy, so why not display them?

[shelf | lamps (similar) | rug | drink sleeves | unicorn drink floaties | make it happen banner | santa mug | do more of what makes you happy print]

There you have it! #theBGDstudio tour. If you kept reading this long, you’re rad.

Be sure to sign up to be a BGD insider for more behind the scenes action!


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4 Ways To Stay Inspired

The hardest question I get is always, “How do you come up with your stuff?” 

Uhhh, my brain? is usually my answer. Duh, that’s true but I usually come off sounding like an asshole. The truth is, my inspiration comes from everywhere–the things I do, people I know, motherhood, my hobbies, being married, owning a business. All of those things are a part of me and when I’m not completely overwhelmed (ha!), these are the things that inspire me.

mother of wildlings

I pride myself on how I put who i am in to what i do.

So it should be no surprise that the majority of things that get (and keep) me inspired are people I love and things I enjoy. Look, this isn’t a magical post that will teach you how to live an inspired life 100% of the time. It is a post about how being inspired starts with a choice. I choose to stop, look around, appreciate and find joy. It’s a conscious decision and I’m still a rookie. But here are things that help keep me inspired:


My kids have taught me patience like I never knew I was capable of and that translates so well in to the business side of my life. A deep breath and reminder of what the “big picture” is keeps me (mostly) sane in both parenting and being a boss.

Brittany Garner and kids

Take, for example, the entire Lady In Charge collection. It’s a pairing of mom life and business life while taking the time to enjoy the things that make you happy (wine) on a daily basis.


I married a smart ass who sometimes drives me crazy. I have a tendency to suck the joy out of life when I’m stressed out. He reminds me that it’s necessary to laugh. A lot.


trail running as a creative outlet

About a year ago I started trail running. There is nothing like running in the mountains. Nothing. As someone who has struggled with anxiety all my life, my mind never feels as at ease as it does running the trails. I’ve gone distances I never dreamed I would. I’ve gained amazing friendships through running–you get to know a person realllll well when you’re on an 18 mile run with them. More than anything, after every run, I’m reminded that I can do hard things.


It took me a long time to realize that I’m much more productive overall if I give myself a break by doing something I enjoy. I have to get out of the house. Maybe go on a run. Play outside with my kids. Sitting in front of my computer for hours on end is the ultimate killer of creativity.

What do you do to stay inspired?

4 ways to stay inspired


BGD on Good Day Sacramento!

Brittany Garner and Cambi Brown

Wellllll, that happened. My awkward, weirdo self was on local TV. I’ve avoided this for years but finally sucked it up and took the opportunity when it arose. Very thankful for Cambi Brown and how comfortable she made me feel! Check out the full video below.