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Introducing… the BGD jumbo mug!

My biggest request of all time is, hands down, to carry larger mugs for all of my mug designs. Well, today I get to announce that we FINALLY made it happen. I AM SO EXCITED!

Anatomy of a BGD 15 oz mug

Along with the larger size, we’ve also added a few other cool features: including the design is printed on both sides! Lefties, that one’s for you. 😉

Shop BGD mugs >>

Our mugs are still printed in the USA, designed by me and of course, still dishwasher & microwave safe. We have lots of tried and true mugs up in the shop currently but stay tuned for the spring launch for NEW DESIGNS! WOOHOO!

As always, thanks for being so rad and supporting BGD!

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The Best 30th Birthday Gift Ever

I turned 30 last month. I intended to write a post or two reflecting on the milestone but everything I wrote sounded cheesy and done before.

The truth is, I am excited to be 30. I have no feelings of dread entering a new decade and I count the newly found wrinkles as laugh lines. 😉 It is truly an honor to be able to age and I’ve always kept that feeling near to my heart.

While I never wrote about it, I did spend a lot of time reflecting on my life and the freaking awesome people in it. I felt like this before I got the best gift ever from Tyler so imagine how I felt after…

the best birthday gift EVER: letters for 30

Tyler asked 30 friends and family members to write me a note, letter or email for my birthday. Some were short, others were long and every single one of them meant the world. I haven’t ugly cried that hard in awhile.

I had my best friends reminisce about taking shots in college then fast forward to having babies together. My mom expressed that I was her best friend. My aunt talked about my dear grandma who passed and how proud she’d be of me. Running friends, who you get close with quickly when you’re on double digit training runs, talked about runfies and bear encounters and falling in the mountains. Best friends drew pictures of flamingoes. Heather wrote hers in Comic Sans and I wasn’t even that mad at her.

the best birthday gift EVER: letters for 30

It is such a priceless gift.

“I wanted you to be able to read about the light you bring to people’s lives when you are in a dark place.” Tyler said these words to me when he gave me the letters. You all can just give him the Husband of the Year award right now.

I haven’t talked about it much aside from family and close friends but 2016 was a really hard one for me personally. I battled with anxiety and depression that left me feeling like a fraud and a crazy person in every aspect of my life. It was only through the support of Tyler and the people closest to me that I got through the worst of it.

It’s an ongoing battle but these letters are such a wonderful reminder of my worth. 

It’s overwhelming but I am so thankful.


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Printable New Mom Gift Wine Tags

New Mom Wine Tag Printable

BGD is back with more printable wine tags! This time we’ve got new mamas on the brain. Nine, no, TEN months of growing a tiny human is hard and I’m of the camp that we should celebrate moms every damn day. But we should especially celebrate them right after giving birth because, to put it mildly, birthing a human is hard no matter how you do it.

Download your new mama wine tags here >>

These printable wine tags are  available for personal lifetime use. Print from your home printer, cut and put them on your favorite bottles of wine. The new mama in your life will love it, I know it. 😉

p.s. wine pun wine tags + a wine themed baby shower

Pin-New Mom Wine Tags Printable

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Printable Galentine Gift Wine Tags

pun wine tags free printable

Galentine’s Day is around the corner! We find it best to celebrate with brunch, great friends and lots of wine. We put together these DIY wine tags for you to use as you wish! If you don’t know what Galentine’s Day is, you better watch Parks and Rec STAT!

Rad ideas on how to use these punny wine tags for the women in your life below!

galentine day wine gift

for your bestie

She deserves a bottle–or if she’s a mom, she deserves three. Cabernet, Sauvignon Blanc, Rose´? Get her fave! For a big surprise: leave it on her porch and snapchat a photo of it sitting there to her phone as you leave. She won’t be creeped out, she gets you.

for your mom

No one gets you like your mom. She’s there for you 365 days a year. Show your appreciation for her by cooking her breakfast for dinner, sharing a sweet Moscato and watching You’ve Got Mail (all moms love that movie!)

will you accept this rose gift tag

a new friend

You know the one. You have a girl crush on her and want to hang out all the time but don’t want to freak her out. Give her a super casual bottle of Chardonnay with the punny hang tag and you’ll have an instant BFF.

The possibilities are endless!

CLICK HERE TO Download your Galentine Pun Wine Tags Now >>

Happy wine-ing!

free printable pun wine tags diy project

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Gift Giving For the Little People

Gifting at Christmastime can get pretty out of hand.  I really like the idea of limiting how much we give the kids and being intentional about what we give them rather than getting stuff just for the sake of having boxes under the tree.


This is only our third Christmas with kids, so we’re still figuring it out.  I came across the idea of something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read a few years back and I really like that idea. At first I thought it seemed really cheap to only get your kids four gifts.  But when you figure in all the relatives and Santa it adds up really quickly.  Not to mention the gratitude it teaches since in all honesty our kids want for nothing, especially since they’re not even old enough to understand the gift concept at all!

So here’s our run down on the need/want/wear/read gifting strategy this year. I think it will evolve next year when Isla is a little more savvy about how this whole Santa thing works, but in the mean time, I plan to take full advantage of them not having a clue.

  1. Save the big flashy gifts for when they’re old enough to understand. Pretty much anything from the Dollar Spot is like gold, so why spend more?
  2. At 2 and 7 months, the real gift is the paper, tissue paper and ribbon. I took care of the Something To Wear category with their new winter clothes.  I stocked up on Black Friday when Carter’s did their big 60% off sale. Both kids needed warmer clothes in the next size, so I stocked up and wrapped it all up. I definitely cheated since it’s more than one item, but it was something I would have bought regardless of the holiday and this way it counts as a gift.
  3. Keep it simple, especially for the Want category. If your toddler is like mine they could find 500 things they “want” within the first 30 seconds of entering a toy store. Chances are no matter what you get they’ll be entertained for about 10 minutes tops before they’re onto something else (probably the box the toy came in).
  4. Make your life easier with the Need category.  Think about something your kids have (or don’t have) that complicate your life. Are the lace up shoes slowing you down every morning? Get them a slip on pair.  Do you find yourself doing a special load of laundry so the favorite shirt is clean? Buy a second. In our house the baby is getting a new sleep sack because I’m tired of timing the laundry so it’s not in the washer at bed time.
  5. Farm out the boring stuffIf the thought of buying something boring like a sleep sack is too much, offer that up as an idea for a family member. That way you can double up on the fun stuff!

While I can’t guarantee this will eliminate noisy toys that come in a million pieces from your holiday season (you know, the ones usually bought by a grandparent), it will hopefully make you a little more intentional with your purchases.

How do you decide what to get your kids for Christmas?


Flair for all! 14 pieces of flair for your tote

Flair, fun, Friday, f*ck. My four favorite F words. Unless you live under an Instagram rock, flair is all the rage right now. Rad artists are showing off their mad skills with their seriously fun pins. Lapel pins, enamel pins, flair–whatever you call them, here are a few of my favorites to spice up your BGD tote bag!

LYLAS 90s inspired

chillin' out maxin relaxin all cool tote

chillin’ out tote | clueless best friends | agro crag | caboodles | dream phone | ugh as if (no longer available) | nokia phone

Food Motivated Inspired


rock out with your guac out tote | avocado | margarita | this is how we do it | FUN | flamingo float

Summer State Of Mind Inspired

i carried a watermelon dirty dancing tote

watermelon tote | cactus | flamingo float | pineapple

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3 awesome ways to support small businesses


This will be my 6th (whaaaat! time flies) holiday season as a small business owner. I’ve compiled a list of the top ways I believe YOU can help small businesses like mine thrive through Christmas and beyond.

Let’s start with the most important: buy small.

I’m sure you have heard the arguments to keep your money local and supporting small businesses is great for the economy. Yes, those are important reasons! But there are other, personal reasons that I like to keep in mind. For example: I like to follow small business stories. I know buying from the seamstress I follow on Instagram puts food on the table for her family. I know buying candles from the candlemaker at the local farmer’s market helps put his children through college. I know buying small is fueling a dream. Buying from small businesses keeps dreams alive. And that, my friends, is an awesome gift to give.

(Pro tip: download our FREE gift planning guide to get organized with your holiday shopping)

Brand recognition is super duper important.

When someone asks where you got something, don’t say “on Etsy” or “online.” Plug the name of that business! Give out the URL. One of the main reasons I am moving my own business away from Etsy is lack of brand recognition. Do you know how many Introvert mugs there were on Etsy when I created mine? Zero. Now do you know how many knock offs there are? A lot. So when someone buys an Introvert mug from me, if someone asks where they got it and all they say is “on Etsy,” what do you think the chances are of them buying mine are? Pretttttty slim. 

If you love the product (or if you don’t), let the business know!

The amazing thing about small businesses is the personalized service. Speaking for BGD, I want my customers and clients to be happy. I welcome feedback and take it to heart–it’s necessary for my growth! The best way to offer praise for a product is through social media where others will see it. You could tag the crap out of that business in your super awesome Instagram pic or write on the wall of their business page on Facebook to profess your love for their product. The best way to express your dissatisfaction is through email. Allow that business owner the chance to make it right before you take your complaints public. I guarantee that 9 times out of 10 you will be satisfied with the outcome.

Your turn! What are ways you plan on supporting small business through the holiday season and beyond? Comment below and let me know!


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How to keep holiday gift shopping simple (+ a free gift planner!)


It’s November, people. You know that means shopping for gifts is in your future in some way, shape or form. If you’re like me, every year leaves me feeling overwhelmed and poor. But this year I decided to make a change and follow a few self-imposed rules in order to simplify this busy, stressful season.

Rule #1: Get organized early.

Like, now. Make a list of everyone you will be gifting. Set a budget and stick to it. I use the gift planner printable in the photo above and it saves me from making 500 notes in my phone, emailing myself random links and, the dreaded, completely forgetting to write anything down. And I’m giving it to you, for free!


This printable is new and improved since last year and I’d love to see photos of yours in action! Use #ILoveBGD to share.

Rule #2: Shop online whenever possible.

Now that you have your list of people it will be easy to order early enough to get some unique finds for your loved ones from your favorite online gift shops! It’s tempting to order from big name companies because of their quick shipping but consider shopping early to support small businesses as well.

Rule #3: Save big purchases for Big Sale Days

Yes, Black Friday is great if you like to wake up at the crack ass of dawn to get a gigantic TV. That’s not what I’m in to. Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday are where it’s at. A lot of businesses will preview what’s to come on those two days so follow your favorites on social media or sign up for their newsletter to be the first to know. (Are you on the BGD list?)

Don’t forget to download your FREE Christmas Gift Planner>>

What are your go to tips for holiday shopping?