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Happy Weekend!

Rad drink sleeve BGD

Hello friends!

I’m obsessed with these shoes. These are awesome too (and cheaper!), but my giant foot didn’t fit in them.

I will be living in this t-shirt from now until forever (or until one of my kids stains/rips/generally ruins it).  The fit is super flattering and it could totally be dressed up for date night.

We grilled this the other night when it was warm and pretended it was summer.  Deeelish.

If you’re looking for a book to add to you bedtime rotation, this one will make you cry like a baby.

The “You’re gonna be ok, Mama” essay you need this week.

These posters are the coolest thing ever and I’ve been sending telepathic messages to AJ to get me one for each of our babes for Mother’s Day.

This Bachelor parody cracked me up.

Happy weekend!


When you delete your entire blog by accident

Hi. Brittany here. You probably reached this post because you were redirected from a pin on Pinterest. Sorry to disappoint but that post is gone forever and it’s all my fault.

Apparently sleep deprivation, stress and overwhelm are a recipe for disaster when you try to play web developer. My knowledge about website code is novice at best and while trying to change the domain where the blog was housed, I deleted the whole damn thing.

All those hours of work, gone forever.

The cherry on top of this shit sundae? I didn’t download a back up.

I KNOW. Shitty shit shit shit shitttt.

So, friends, learn from my mistakes: back up your site. Or, even better, hire a freaking professional.