Flair for all! 14 pieces of flair for your tote

Flair, fun, Friday, f*ck. My four favorite F words. Unless you live under an Instagram rock, flair is all the rage right now. Rad artists are showing off their mad skills with their seriously fun pins. Lapel pins, enamel pins, flair–whatever you call them, here are a few of my favorites to spice up your BGD tote bag!

LYLAS 90s inspired

chillin' out maxin relaxin all cool tote

chillin’ out tote | clueless best friends | agro crag | caboodles | dream phone | ugh as if (no longer available) | nokia phone

Food Motivated Inspired


rock out with your guac out tote | avocado | margarita | this is how we do it | FUN | flamingo float

Summer State Of Mind Inspired

i carried a watermelon dirty dancing tote

watermelon tote | cactus | flamingo float | pineapple

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