Hi! I’m Heather, and I’m coming to you live from the trenches


Like deeeep in the trenches. I have two kids, 20 months apart, so the artillery fire is pretty intense here.

I’m the Brand Manager for BGD. I handle collaborations, our Brand Babes, giveaways and other marketing type stuff. It’s a long way off from my pre-baby life as a teacher, but I’m starting to think maybe I missed my calling. I’m having a blast getting to know so many of you through social media, learning about running a small biz and getting to use the creative side of my brain for something other than toddler distraction (Hey! Do you hear an airplane? Keep looking!…Feel free to use that one. It will buy you at least 30 seconds.). And now, I get to blog!

I’ll be taking over the blogspot every now and again bringing you tales of the crypt #momlife. The way we see it, you can fight it as long as you want, but eventually the yoga pants and dry shampoo win. I mean, there’s a reason things become cliches.


My daughter, Isla, is 2 and my son, Nolan, is 6 months old. Two kids in as many years is pretty crazy, but it’s what my husband, AJ and I always talked about. No, seriously. We planned this. We met in high school and have been together for practically half our lives. Crazy. We have a lab/retriever mix named Astro and the fluffiest cat in the world, Julius who add to the melee around here. I’m a recovering Type A who is doing her best to embrace this season of chaos, but I still have relapses (read: tantrums when my plans don’t work). I like to run, cook, bake and decorate for holidays. I think I liked other stuff at one point too, but sleep deprivation precludes me from remembering basically anything anymore.


I met Brittany through our running group. We became fast friends when we learned we both went to the same college at the same time (and never met!). I knew I found my people when she brought wine to a play date, because a play date is really just an excuse for moms to ignore their children together, right? Just us?

First and foremost, BGD is a graphic design shop, but our hope is that we can use the blog to give you a peek behind the BGD curtain to show you what we’re all about. So, from here on out it will be a good mix of Brittany bringing you all things shop related and me showing you the other side of life these days. At the end of the day, we’re just moms running on too much coffee and not nearly enough sleep trying to live out our boss babe dreams, just like you.

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