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Before + After: Play Kitchen Remodel

Before+After Play Kitchen Remodel For Kids

This well-loved play kitchen was gifted to the boys by their friends Ana and Grace who had out-grown it. The boys LOVE playing with play food and we already had a bunch of it. And now that they could “really cook,” they were stoked.

Play Kitchen Remodel: Before

Structurally, the play kitchen is in excellent shape, it just got a lot of play time in it’s previous life! My husband and his brother (when he was visiting from the east coast) made painting it a SUPER FUN (jokes) Saturday activity. Thanks, guys! They took off all the knobs, burners, handles and doors then they painted the main structure white and all of the handles black.

Play Kitchen Remodel: During

After reattaching all the accessories, we let it dry for a few days. During that time I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do for the backsplash. Heather came up with the genius idea to do stainless steel subway backsplash to complete the bachelor pad look. I first bought real backsplash from Home Depot but it was way too heavy and we had no way to cut it to fit. So I googled until my eyes crossed. I finally came across these Art3D Peel + Stick Tiles. They were light but sturdy and will hold up the inevitable abuse that my wildlings will put it under. It wasn’t super easy, but I was able to use an x-acto knife and scissors to cut some tiles to fit for a real subway tile look.

Play Kitchen Remodel: closeup of backsplash

For the finishing touch, I put these tap-on lights in the microwave and oven. This was such a fun project and something my kids will use for a long, long time. (Pennant flags are handmade from Sharp Tooth Studio.)

Play Kitchen Makeover: After

Play Kitchen Remodel: After

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Play Kitchen Makeover Before And After DIY: Brittany Garner Design

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