Uncommon Party Theme: Baby Shower Booze Brunch

When your wine-loving friend gets pregnant with her third baby, it’s only natural her baby shower is booze themed. Guests brought her bottles of wine and we had a booze-y brunch.


the decor

Simple and classic was the idea. My friend Erin hosted in her beautiful new home.



the favors

Each guest got their very own wine glass to take home. I used to sleep, but now I just wine was a perfect tie in to the theme and perfect for all the mamas in attendance.


the food

All the brunch essentials: quiche, pastries, bacon, potatoes. If you’re looking for a great quiche recipe, I love this one and this one. YUM.

Mimosas and coffee were also served. For me, champagne with a splash of orange juice. Per usual.


Then for dessert–amazingly decorated homemade cupcakes.


the games

The hostesses (one of them being me) are kind of anti annoying baby shower games. We are also against the term “sprinkle” but that’s neither here nor there. So we decided this fill in the blank guessing game was perfect–mama-to-be could take them home and have fun seeing who made the best predictions.


It was such a fun theme for a sweet friend. Baby Brunch and Booze! Best baby shower theme ever.

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